Victoria is our family dentist for at least 7-8 years. She is always on time, we have never spent extra time waiting for an appointment. She uses advanced technology, not cheap on patients with supplies. Honest, caring, friendly and helpful. Through the years she didn’t change her quality of service to worth. We would recommend her to anyone!

Marina and Andrew Orlovsky

Have been visiting Dr Naumov for over 10 years, my parents, siblings and our kids all go to her. She is great with kids, very good with adults and if they know you, they will be flexible and offer arrangements and solutions to complex treatments.

Anastasia W.

I have treated dozens of Dr. Naumov’s patients over the years and I have always found her work to be excellent. She is an honest, skilled dentist who treats appropriately and fairly. Patients tell me how comfortable they feel under her care. I am proud to be her colleague.

Dr. Kevin Davis

This was the best trip to a dentist ever. Since it was an emergency and I was in so much pain, I will never be able to thank you enough. Victoria was kind, professional and attentive and so was the staff. You have no idea how happy I was with this professional care.

John D.